THE COMPANY MEN, from acclaimed writer/director John Wells, creator of the groundbreaking international television series ER, brings the same momentum and character intensity to the high powered business battleground of today's corporate world. As massive enterprises collapse overnight and fortunes begin to vanish, once powerful executives confront searing human consequences in a brave new world.

When the successful corporation that he helped build is wrenched from underneath him, calm, cool veteran Gene (Tommy Lee Jones) clashes with his partners trying to protect his long-time co-worker Phil (Chris Cooper) and seeks solace in an affair with his dazzling colleague, Sally (Maria Bello). Sleek, arrogant sales warrior Bobby (Ben Affleck) is taken by surprise when he's fired by Sally - he clings to the symbols of his success, his Porsche, his swanky Country Club membership and his estate home, until he's pushed to face his new reality. Forced to take a job grudgingly offered by his hard-working brother-in-law, Jack (Kevin Costner), Bobby is pushed beyond his limits, and Jack, despite his distrust in Bobby's work ethic, encourages Bobby to become the man he knows he can be.

When corporate firestorms threaten these men, they must summon strength to combat betrayal, infidelity and backstabbing, and find their true course as Company Men.