Sarah and Jillian have been best friends for a long time, but the two girls couldn't be more different. Sarah is a star pupil and athlete, a hundred watt bulb in a five-watt-town, while Jillian is a star mischief-maker, one hundred pounds of trouble in a five pound bag. Although both girls long to break free of the small-town life, Jillian is the first to act. She reveals to Sarah that she has been meeting men on-line with the sole purpose of finding someone who will take her away from this place. Soon thereafter, she disappears leaving Sarah with only a journal and a cryptic video message sent from her cell-phone. Sarah soon discovers that the town would rather forget that Jillian had ever existed, but she Sarah, aided by Jasper, the resident computer geek who secretly adores her, plunges head-long into Goshen's dark secrets. The final truth they unearth will rock the town to its foundation. 107 min.