DEEP IN THE VALLEY is the comic story of uptight Carl (Brendan Hines) and his best friend and roommate Lester (Chris Pratt), two twenty-somethings just trying to make it through the day when a mysterious video booth transports them to an alternate dimension where the world is straight out of an adult film.

It is up to sorority babes Bambi (Rachel Specter) and Daphne (Kate Albrecht) to help Carl and Lester outwit Rod “Supercop” Cannon (Scott Caan) and his lush detective partner, Suzi Diabolo (Blanca Soto). As they struggle to get home - or get lucky - Carl and Lester go on a journey meeting characters like gangster Busta Nut (Tracy Morgan) and sorority house mother Autumn Bliss (Denise Richards) to help them on their journey ultimately to find out what life is all about, and what it means to fall in love.