ALL ABOUT SECRETS, adapted from YA author Rao Xueman’s best-seller of the same name, is a tale of a teenager, Duan Bowen, who lost his mother when he was young.  He has a distant relationship with his father, and has never fully accepted his stepmother. Compensating for the lack of affection in his life, Duan has a hidden crush on his teacher, Li Er.  His friend and classmate, Yu Chizi, is secretly in love with him, and jealous of Duan’s crush, tells Duan their teacher has a long-time boyfriend, Zhang Yang.  However, when faced with a crisis as long-held secrets threaten to overwhelm him, it is Zhang who reaches out to Duan to help him, and Duan begins to realize that there is a big difference between being a teenager and becoming an adult. When all the secrets revealed, the answers bring Duan and his family and friends to a new beginning.