Based on the heart-breaking true story of martial arts legend Jackie Chan’s parents, the love story of Fang and Chen reflects a generation’s strength in a time of despair, and a country’s hope for a brighter future. In the turbulent China of the late 1930s, Fang (Sean Ching-Wan Lau), a former spy for the Nationalist Party, falls in love with Chen (Tang Wei), an opium-peddling widow. Fang’s past life of espionage makes him the target of both the Nationalists and the Communists so the star-crossed couple struggle across the war-torn country in an attempt to escape his past, but the war causes them to be separated not only from each other, but also from their children. Through the bombings of Shanghai, the massacres in Nanking, and the other atrocities of war, their unbreakable bond of love gives them the strength and courage to endure.